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Conservative Party
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Scottish National Party
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Democratic Unionist Party
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Sinn Fein
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Social Democratic and Labour Party
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Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
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Brexit Party
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Republican Party
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Democratic Party
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Libertarian Party
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Green Party



The rich should be taxed more
Government Regulation is bad for the economy
The State is a threat to our way of life
Police help maintain law and order
The Past is slowly becoming more and more irrelevant
We must respect past traditions as they are still meaningful
I think regional unions are good
The values of nation should stay maintained
Humor leads to happiness
As Humans we have no time for humorous acts
Whoever can afford better healthcare should get better healthcare
Welfare is a great way to help people
The government should violate peoples privacy to prevent terrorism
Pirating things shouldn't be a big deal if it's for personal enjoyment
We must maintain traditional family values
We should start to combat climate change
I'm proud of my country
We should treat all cultures equally
I use generic reddit memes unironically and think I'm funny
I make or love to make Youtube poops that can be laughed at
Income inequality is way too high
A free market economy works best
The State should stay out of my business
The Safety of the citizens is more important than Liberty
I support the LGBTQ+ Community
Transgender people are mentally ill
It's important that my culture stays pure and the way it always been
We should treat everyone of any ethic group equally
I make memes that people find funny
Humor is a waste of my time
Capitalism is the only economic system that works
The Government should nationalize businesses
Cracking down on protests are necessary to insure order
Victimless crimes shouldn't be punishable
Homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to adopt children
I support abortion
We should provide aid to 3rd world countries
We should put our focus into the things going wrong in our country before anyone else
I often don't get jokes and their purpose
Random 21st century humor is ironically good
Banks should be nationalized
Roads should be privately owned
The State should largely decrease in power
The Police should receive military grade weapons
Assault weapons should be banned
The world was better years ago than now
Anyone who isn't my race is subhuman
We should encourage people to respect other nations and cultures
I get offended by joke's that are insensitive
I'll make any joke as controversial as I want as long as I get a laugh
Corporations should entirely control the economy
The workers should seize the means of production
Criticizing the government shouldn't be tolerated
We should be able to topple the government if it becomes too tyrannical
Two Consenting adults should be able to do what they want to eachother
I have a typical 1950s american mindset
If anyone is born in my nation they can't leave and they must assimilate
A united global government would solve all of our issues
Being funny is generally beneficial
What's the point of humor I'd rather be doing something productive
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